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Frequently Asked Questions


Let’s address the basic inquiries about apparel production

Manufacturing fashion brands — especially as a start-up clothing brand — is an intricate process. There are many considerations and many questions you may have. Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) can answer some basic and essential questions regarding apparel manufacturing and our services.

General FAQs

What's your minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

The MOQ depend on different designs.

Usually it starts from 150-200 pieces per color/style

For custom hardware, fabrics, trims, notions, dyeing, printing, and embroidery, different MOQs may apply.

Please kindly enquire  us for more details.

What are your payment terms?

Usually our payment term is 30% advanced payment and the balance before shipment

For customers we had worked together for long, we can be more flexible on the payment term after negotiation.

What type of garment you can make?

We specialize in all type of womenswear such as dresses, tops, shirts,blouses,skirts, pants , jumpsuits, sweaters ,denim etc.

Do you provide sourcing service?

We provide a range of sourcing services to assist customers find the right fabrics and trims for their designs.

Our experienced designers go to the fabric market everyday to source the fabric required for our customers.  Just please send us the fabric and trims you need to source,  we will give you what we find in the next day! Such service is free!

How long does it typically take to complete an order?

It usually will take 4-6 weeks for the entire process, excluding delivery.

This is applicable for orders which do not require custom fabric development and special finishing

For repeat order we can ship out in 7-20 days according to different quantity wise.

Can I visit you before I start the business?

We would highly encourage you to visit us as it would be a crucial initial step towards establishing a long-term collaboration. Meeting in person allows us to get to know each other better.

Our location is close to Guangzhou Zhongda fabric market . We can organize the visit and pick up for you when you arrive in Guangzhou.

Is your factory ethical?

At Tuer, we are committed to ethical fair trade practices  to prevent the exploitation of workers  in the production

We belief that happy workers are more productive and motivated to do a good job if they work with good employment condition and in a safe conducive working environment.

As part of this commitment, we pledge that none of our workers are under the age of 16 and that all workers are paid fairly with minimum living wages as the basic pay on a timely basis.  Additionally, we do not engage in forced labor, and all overtime work is compensated with high allowance.

Our facilities are equipped with proper lighting and advanced sanitory condition. All areas, including the production floor and dorm, are regularly cleaned and disinfected to maintain a healthy and safe working environment for the workers

We put in place strict safety measures to minimize the risk of work-related injuries. All equipment used in the manufacturing process has been examed regularly to ensure that they are safe and easy to use.

Necessary extinguishment equipment is installed and regularly conduct fire drills with guidance from the local fire department.

We keep transparency of our ethics to our customers and ready to show them more work we had done during their visit.

Do you work with third party suppliers?

All of our garments are manufactured in-house with the exception of sweaters and denim, which necessitate specialized machinery and washing facilities.

We have established partnerships with trusted suppliers of sweaters and denim with whom we have collaborated for several years. Through this collaboration, we have significantly expanded our clients’ product catalog.

Do you offer any ready-made clothing or stock?

No , we don’ t have any stock to offer.

We produce custom apparel according to our customers designs with their brands.   Only their order quantity will be fullfilled.

Do you have existing patterns or designs that I can use?

Yes, we have many hot styles to offer to our new customers often.

Please contact with us so we can send  you some updated styles for reference.

Are my designs protected?

Rest assured that we will not sell or share your designs with any other customers.

We can sign a non-disclosure agreement to keep your information confidential if required.

What happens If I receive defective items?

In the event that any of our items are found to be defective, we will issue a refund for the affected pieces or refund % of the payment according to the condition of defect.

Usually the defectives need to be reported to us within 15 days after you receive our goods.

We take great care in managing each step of the production process, including conducting quality control checks for samples, fabrics, and completed products, to minimize the occurrence of defective pieces.

Can you manage rush order?

Certainly, we welcome rush orders and are will organize a dedicated team to oversee their fulfillment.

We will leverage our full range of resources to ensure timely delivery of these orders.

Please note that there will be an additional fee for rush orders. However, in case we are unable to meet the agreed-upon deadline, we will make appropriate compensation to our customers which can be put into the sales contract.

Can you only do cut and sew for me if I provide the fabric and trims?

Yes, we can do that, but we need be informed well  about the service you need before we start.



Do I need to provide tech-pack or real samples to quote?

Ideally there’re teckpack  available.

However ,in most cases ,our customers send us samples or just photos to develop similar styles for them.

With our extensive experience, we are pretty good at working out the samples from photos or sketches provided.

What information do I need to provide for quotation?

To work out the apprx. prices for the garment we basically need below information

  • Reference Samples/CAD/Image/Drawing of the design
  • Fabric information if available.
  • Size breakdown
  • Quantity

Please inform us if you have any packing or delivery time requirements, as this may also impact the pricing.

Will the quotation be the production prices?

No, the quotation we given base on the informatin you provided is just for reference. There’re many other factors that will affect the final production prices, for example, fabric wastage and package etc. We will confirm you the final production prices after the  samples are approved.

Do I need to provide complete measurement chart for quotation?

It will be great if you can provided us the measuremrent chart which will help speed up the grading and avoid misunderstanding on size.

However, if you’re not able to provide the chart , then please just provide us the basic measurement of the middle size for example, bust, waist, hip etc.  You can simply get it from your model.   We will do the grading job for you for other sizes you need.

How soon can you send the quotation to me?

Usually we will get back to you on the prices in the same days you send us the inquiry.

The inquiry should contain all information we need for quotation.

In case the fabric is not the regular ones or special finishing is required, we will need to check then quote on the next days.

What can I do if your quotation is higher than my targets?

We value every inquiry from you.

If our initial quotation is too high for you ,please inform us your target prices then we will check if we can achieve by using different fabric and technique options.

What do I need to provide to make the samples?

We would greatly appreciate it if you could supply us with reference samples.  So we can do counter samples for you accordingly.

Alternatively, if you can provide us with designs by photos, sketches, or CAD format, our experienced team will be able to develop samples for you.

In both cases, please let us know the size of the samples you require so that we can ensure they are made to the correct specifications.

What's the leadtime for the samples?

The leadtime is usually 3-7 days after all details are confirmed.

It depends on the styles and number of samples needed.

What's the sample charge and how can I pay it?

We offer free samples for customers who are already in business with us. However, for new customers, we do charge for samples.

The cost of the samples is typically 2.5-3 times the estimated production price, depending on the style and quantity requested. For instance, if we quoted a skirt at $10/piece (before making samples), the sample charge would be $25-30/piece.

Payment for samples can be made through wire transfer or PayPal, depending on the amount . Please note that you are responsible for arranging the shipment of the samples, either by  getting the courier to pick up the samples or by paying the courier fee for our service to send them to you

Can I get my sample charge refunded?

Certainly, we will reimburse you for the cost of the samples once you place a bulk order with us. The refund amount will be taken from the total payment of the bulk order.

Will you do the 2nd samples for me if the 1st samples are not approved?

Absolutely, we will  make a second set of samples if the initial prototype samples did not meet your expectations. However, we require that all necessary changes are clearly communicated and confirmed by you before we proceed with creating the second set of samples.

Will you send fabric options and colors(print) options along with the samples?

Yes, we will provide you available fabric options and color/print options along with the samples upon your request. Please let us know what you’re looking for, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Do I have to return the samples for production once they are approved?

Once you have reviewed and approved the samples, you are recommended to return them to us  for reference during the production process. This helps ensure that the final product matches the approved samples in terms of design, fabric, color, and other specifications. Any necessary adjustments can be made based on the approved sample. It also helps to minimize any misunderstandings or errors that may arise during the production process.

Returning the approved samples is crucial for ensuring that the final product meets your expectations and is of the highest quality. It give us a reference point to compare the final product , which helps minimize errors and ensure consistency in the production process.



What's your turnaround time?

The production time typically ranges from 15-30 days, depending on the styles and order quantity.

However, for rush orders and reorders, we can expedite the production process.

Is there anyone to follow everything in production for me?

We have a dedicated merchandise team that will oversee the entire production process on your behalf.

They will work closely with you to coordinate all necessary steps, serving as your point of contact throughout. Additionally, they will handle any troubleshooting that may be required, and ensure that both the quality and timeline are up to your specified standards.

What are the general processes in production?

Below are the general processes of our production

  1. Grading and Pattern Making: This is the initial stage where the garment’s design and pattern are created. The designer creates sketches or computer-aided designs (CAD) that are then converted into patterns, which are used to cut the fabric.
  2. Fabric Sourcing and Preparation: Once the pattern is created, the fabric is sourced and inspected to ensure it meets quality standards. Then, the fabric is prepped for cutting, which involves laying it out and marking the pattern pieces onto it.
  3. Cutting: The fabric is cut into pattern pieces using either automated machines or manual methods. This process requires precision and accuracy to ensure that each piece is the correct size and shape.
  4. Sewing and Assembly: The cut pieces are then sewn together to create the garment. This involves using sewing machines, sergers, and other equipment to stitch the pieces together, attach buttons and zippers, and add any necessary embellishments.
  5. Quality Control: Throughout the production process, quality control checks are conducted to ensure that the garments meet the specified standards. These checks may involve visual inspections, measurements, and testing of the garment’s durability and functionality.
  6. Finishing: After the garments are assembled and quality-checked, any necessary finishing touches are added. This may include pressing or steaming to remove wrinkles, attaching labels and tags, and packaging the garments for shipment.

How do you ensure production quality

In our production, we conduct inspections at various stages to ensure the quality of the final product. This includes inspection of the raw materials before they are used, in-line inspection during the manufacturing process, and a final inspection of the finished product. Each inspection is conducted with attention to detail and strict adherence to our quality standards to ensure that our customers receive only the highest quality products.

By implementing these rigorous inspection processes, we have no problem meeting the Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) specified by our customers. We take pride in providing our customers with products that meet their expectations and reflect our commitment to excellence.

Do you preshrink the garment?

We preshrink all fabrics before cutting & sewing them for bulk production, to reduce shrinkage to acceptable levels when you received and wash the final product.

Do you provide custom wash, dyeing and other treatments?

We work with a network of different suppliers that can provided special finishing as our customer want to acheive special styling and hand feel.

We support below kind of finishing

  • Washing & Dye
  • Digital prints
  • Screen prints
  • Heat transfer print
  • Embroidery

These special finishing can give our customers more options on their designs and enhance their catalog

Can you fully handle the shipment for me?

Certainly, we can manage the shipping process for your orders.

Our team collaborates with various forwarding and shipping companies to secure the most favorable rates for your shipments.

Prior to scheduling the shipment, we will provide you with an estimated cost and delivery timeframe.

Can you do drop-shipping?

At the moment, we do not provide drop-shipping services.

Our primary focus is on the creation and production of apparel

What's the incoterm you offer?

Usually we offer different term like FOB, EXW, CNF, DDU etc.

Please contact our teams for more details

How can I estimate the shipping leadtime ?

Here are some estimated on-water times (in days) from Guangzhou to some other destination ports

  • Singapore: 4-6 days
  • Busan, South Korea: 5-7 days
  • Tokyo, Japan: 7-10 days
  • Melburne,Australia: 10 to 15 days
  • Los Angeles, USA: 14-18 days
  • New York ,USA: 22-30 days
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands: 30-35 days

It’s important to note that these are rough estimates and actual transit times can be affected by a variety of factors including weather conditions, shipping schedules, and port congestion. Please contact our teams to get updated information on the shipping time for various destinations and shipping modes.

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